Q: What is Spacemen?

A: Spacemen is an independent space exploration game, based in a procedural persistent universe, with modable content, explorable seamlessly in single-player or multi-player modes.


Q: What genre Spacemen belongs to?

A: Hard to tell, there are 3rd person shooter elements, 4X, RPG and much more.


Q: Who is developing Spacemen?

A: Spacemen is developed as an independent project.


Q: When Spacemen will be released?

A: Currently Spacemen is in Alpha stage. There is a public demo which you can convert to open alpha by writing me an email.


Q: Can I request a certain feature to be implemented?

A: Of course you can, that doesn't mean it will be but certainly it will be considered.


Q: What platform is Spacemen based on?

A: Spacemen is written completely in Java and uses Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL).


Q: What operating system will it be available on?

A: At the moment supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 64bit 


Q: Will it be a commercial license, monthly subscription or free to play?

A: Not decided yet, but definitely not subscription based.


Q: Can I contribute to developing?

A: Please contact me for details.


Q: Will there be multiplayer mode?

A: It is under development but it will not be a MMO.


Q: Will it be mod-friendly?

A: The project is designed to be highly modable and script-based.


Q: What about the reality factor?

A: At this moment, the following issues are ignored reality wise:

- realistic universe scale and this is because huge distances will take out from the game's dynamics;

- planet/moon revolution although rotation is implemented and maybe moons will be done too, planet rotation probably will not and that's because it will be hard for the player to locate the planets;

- planet real-time shadows due to technical reasons;

- vegetation/fauna not covered as the scope of the gameplay;

- interiors - probably not, but some might be, this is not fixed yet;

- characters.


Do you have more questions? Please contact us!